KIDD Diamond Skin Film Restructuring System

The combination of four energy waves: KIDD wave, electromagnetic energy, ultrasound, far infrared heat energy, it will release a high concentration of energy within 0.5s. It can penetrate into the subcutaneous dermis Mastoid layer and SMAS fascia skin tissue, and in the appropriate parts of the condensation of high thermal energy to stimulate the deep dermal tissue, so that the subcutaneous cells will reorganize in a linear and more directional structure. This results in tightening of the skin, as well as enhancing the self-renewal mechanism of skin cells.

With the KIDD specific products, containing the energy of the particles for home care, the best effect is 15 days after the gradual synthesis of structural membrane, sebum film, immune film, emulsion film to
form the optimal state of the membrane, then the skin becomes more tight, healthy, smooth and firm. It can also improve wrinkles and blemishes, solve the aging problems of muscle and bone, enhance the skin’s density and compactness. It really promotes rejuvenation, remodels a younger contour, improves redness, wrinkles, stains, acne, especially sensitive skin.

Suitable for face and body.

【KIDD Diamond Skin Film Restructuring System 】

  1. Instant firming and contour lifting, enhances the linkage of film, skin, muscle, and bone
  2. Improves skin quality, increases skin elasticity, smoothness and tenderness
  3. Improves the sensitive skin, redness, stains, acne, aging and open pores
  4. Promotes the skin’s metabolism
  5. Repairs the organs
  6. Promotes the body balance