Monthly Beloved Present

Year ‘2020 Monthly Beloved Treatment

Meridian Detoxification Health Treatments 

1. face   2. liver and gallbladder   3. milk line   4. heart and lung
5. arms   6. Spleen and stomach   7. abdomen   8. dorsal bladder meridian
9. large intestine meridian   10. hip buttock   11. kidney meridian   12. thigh

By using the dredging and regulation of the human twelve meridians to strengthen the operation of qi and blood, and through the qi and blood meridians to connect the internal organs and internal and external mechanisms, to regulate the yin and yang, the surface and the virtual reality, so that the internal organs can be adequately adjusted. Aims to achieve balance and promote metabolism, improve skin quality, promote health and beauty from the inside out.


  • Dredge the meridians, promote blood, lymphatic circulation, and metabolism between tissues to coordinate the functions of various tissues and internal organs, promote metabolism.
  • The comprehensive effect of converting mechanical energy into thermal energy can increase the temperature of local tissues and promote capillary expansion.  Strengthen blood and lymph circulation, reconcile qi and blood and detoxification
  • Eliminate fatigue and strengthen body, prolong life.
  • Relieve muscles and tensions

*** Beloved-monthly treatments maybe subject to change, Alchemy Beauty reserves the rights of final and latest decision.

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