Monthly Beloved Present

Year ‘2022 Monthly Beloved Treatment

DEC 2022  – Ginger Body Warming Massage

Using ginger aroma oil to massage the abdomen can help warm the meridians and dispel the cold, promote blood circulation and clear the collaterals, especially for stomach cold, windy gastrointestinal, prone to bloating and stagnation, indigestion, constipation, etc..

It can also expel wind and dampness in the abdomen, regulate hormones, and improve Irregular menstruation, cold uterus, and dysmenorrhea have the effects of nourishing yang, strengthening immunity, nourishing and rejuvenating skin.


  • Relieve wind and cold, prevent colds
  • Promoting Qi and Activating Blood, Relaxing Tendons and Detoxification
  • Warming meridians and dredging collaterals, relieve pain
  • Improve insomnia, nourish and rejuvenate

First Trial Price HK$280

*** Beloved-monthly treatments maybe subject to change, Alchemy Beauty reserves the rights of final and latest decision.


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