M22 Photorejuvenation Treatment

Go beyond traditional IPL technology to experience the miracle of skin reversal

M22 Photorejuvenation Treatment

M22 photorejuvenation uses patented AOPT™ (Advanced Optimal Pulse Technology) to continuously emit wavelengths of different spectra directly to the dermis, producing photothermal effects, breaking up melanin without damaging normal skin, and stimulating collagen cells and fibroblasts at the same time, to achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation and beautification.

M22 photorejuvenation can solve more than 30 kinds of skin problems in a targeted manner, and provides a variety of different treatment combinations according to the needs of different skin types, with remarkable results.

Exclusive AOPT™  “Advanced Optimal Pulse Technology”  ensures a more stable, precise and concentrated energy

M22 intensive pulsed light has the exclusive “high-efficiency flat-top wave patented technology” AOPT™ (Advanced Optimal Pulse Technology) to ensure stable energy output and provide stable continuous pulse energy. The energy is accurately concentrated, the pulse time is shorter, the distribution is even, and the treatment is safer.  This advanced technology can promote collagen growth, fade dullness and spots, and make skin white and flawless. According to global clinical medical evidence, up to 90% of skin can be effectively improved.

MSP™ “Multiple Sequential Pulse” requires no recovery period and the process is gentle and comfortable“

MSP™ (Multiple Sequential Pulse) provides surrounding skin tissue with time to dissipate heat, protecting the epidermis and causing minimal damage to the skin. Combined with the SapphireCool™ light-guiding crystal cooling system, it can continuously and stably protect the skin from thermal damage, making the treatment process gentler, more comfortable, safe and effective.

FDA & CE international certification

With more than 30 US’s FDA and EU’s CE certifications, it can effectively improve spots, blood vessels, hair, acne, rosacea and other problems. According to skin needs, the appropriate wavelength can be adjusted to reach the affected area directly to solve different skin problems.


👍Treat acne and rosacea

👍Reduce spots and acne marks

👍Adjust sebum secretion and tighten pores

👍Skin rejuvenation, whitening, and even skin tone

👍Instant brightening and firming effect

👍Promote collagen regeneration

👍Improve in skin texture

👍Optical hair removal care​