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[ SPECIAL NOTICE: Strengthen Epidemic Prevention and Anti-epidemic Measures ]

In view of the latest development of the COVID-19 and the epidemic, we are now further enhancing the epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic measures to ensure the health of customers and staff, and the treatment service can be carried out safely and securely.

  • According to the Government’s anti-epidemic regulations, guests are required to use the ” LeaveHomeSafe ” mobile App together with the valid “Vaccine Pass”, or present an “Exemption Certificate” and show to our staff to ensure compliance with relevant regulations. Thank you for your cooperation!
  • Sterilized carpets are provided at the entrance of the store, and (1:99) disinfectant is sprayed regularly.
  • All staff, visitors and customers need to take their temperature after arriving at the store to ensure that there is no fever or other respiratory symptoms before entering the store.
  • Hand sanitizers are available in the reception area. All staff, visitors and customers must disinfect their hands immediately while arrival, and spray the soles of shoes with disinfectant spray.
  • All staff, visitors and customers must wear masks all the time. (Except for customers who are during facial treatment.)
  • Staff must wear masks and face shields/goggles during treatment, and ensure their hands are clean and sanitized, and may wear gloves when necessary.
  • Towels, bathrobes, bed sheets, etc. must be changed every time, cleaned in our store and sterilized at 180ºF (=82ºC) high temperature to ensure hygiene.
  • Single rooms, which are cleaned and disinfected immediately after occupation to ensure that the tools and rooms are clean and hygienic; and the cleaning and disinfection of equipment and treatment supplies will be strengthened.
  • The entire store regularly uses “RAZE Photocatalyst Disinfectant Antibacterial Spray” to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria in items, door handles, and furniture.
  • To reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria in the air, “NBU & COUFAL E-Smog Protector Air Naturalizeris installed throughout the store area and in every single room.
  • Enhanced cleaning of toilets, bathrooms, lockers, and dressing areas hourly. There is also a ” UV disinfection machine” for disinfection, e.g. comb, key… etc.
  • Any staff who has been in contact with a confirmed person or has a confirmed person in the residential building/or has symptoms such as fever, cold and flu, must be isolated according to the instructions and requirements of the Department of Health; and can go to work only after providing a valid proof of a negative nucleic acid test result.
  • If the customer has symptoms such as cough, cold and flu during the treatment, our staff reserves the right to immediately stop all treatment procedures and re-arrange the treatment date for the customer (that treatment course will not be deducted, thank you for the understanding!).
  • During the anti-epidemic period, customers will only be served with advance booking.

Thank you for cooperation, understanding and support! Stay safe and Good Health!

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