Company’s Founder: Luna Xu

“ We carefully provide customers with professional care, from analysis and testing, consultation, to the treatment process, every step we treat is meticulous. … For a long time, beauty has taken the concept of “to treat only where the pain is”. However, the structure of our body is sophisticated and complex, and behind the single problem actually hides the inexhaustible causes. Therefore, Alchemy Beauty’s service therapy will take “full care” as a guideline. It will not only start from the skin, but will take care of the physiological operation of the whole body to rejuvenate its health and consolidate and balance its health. As soon as the body returns to its balance, the various blemishes and problems on the skin will be solved. In the future, Alchemy Beauty will continue to promote health management in all directions and introduce safe and effective products and instruments with high quality and guaranteed products to help customers to solve their skin problems and achieve a healthy, beautiful, balancing body and mind. ”

Alchemy Beauty Group Ltd. Founder & Chairman
International CICA Association of Esthetics CIDESCO Section China Honorary President
HK Hair & Beauty Merchants Association Senior Honorary President
Chinese Meridian & Cosmetology Association Vice-President
Hong Kong Youth Dance Association Honorary Life President
SASAC of the State Council and Beijing Institute of Beauty Senior Expert in Beauty Industry Think Tank
Kowloon Women’s Organizations Federation Honorary President


Sisters BeautyPro Beauty Entrepreneur Award 2016-17 Diamond Award
Poi Oi Hospital Board of Directors; International Teacher & Assessor Association (2013) Outstanding Entrepreneurial Leadership Award
The 61 st CIDESCO Beauty Conference 2013 Excellence Entrepreneur Award